Our Philosophy

Mowbray Place Early Learning Centre is committed to providing the highest quality of care and learning for all children in partnerships with families. We believe positive experiences in the child’s early years lay a secure foundation for the child’s life. Together with families, the community and the child’s voice, we believe we can together develop individuals that are joyful and valuable young citizens that contribute to our community.

Valuing the competencies of children as individuals

Celebrating children as competent and capable learners promotes agency, autonomy, confidence and self-worth where children can feel included, valued, safe, secure and supported as contributing members of the centre, their family, community and as global citizens.

Critical reflection as a driver for continuous improvement

Critical reflection paired with a commitment to lifelong learning will lead to continuous improvement. We view this ongoing process as an integral part of advocating for children, families, our community and our profession.

Unfolding children’s intrinsic curiosities to become lifelong learner

A play based, open-ended, child led curriculum fosters holistic development and positions children as active learners. We aspire to ignite a lifelong passion for learning within our community.

Strong relationships are the foundation of a successful community

Establishing and maintaining strong partnerships based on trust, open communication and respect are the foundation of our community. We believe this creates a space where all stakeholders can feel valued and respected as we work in partnership to achieve the best outcomes for all children.

Acknowledging and valuing our shared humanity

Our practice is underpinned by respect for each other, the wider community and the land we inhabit. We encourage children to develop an understanding of diversity, sustainability and social justice inspiring advocacy for our shared humanity.