Our Rooms

The children are grouped in three groups according to their age. The way in which children respond to the teaching will determine if they need extra activities, more one on one time or extension activities. Each group is allocated a Diploma or Early childhood qualified teacher.

Nursery – Possum’s room: (0-2 years)

The nursery aims to provide a nurturing, caring and safe environment for all our children to learn, grow and develop.
The children are provided with stimulating and sensory experiences that cater to their individual needs and further develop their natural curiosity, which allows them to explore the world around them.


Toddler – Joey’s room: (2-3.5 years)

In the Joey’s room we believe that all children are unique individuals who deserve quality care in a warm and secure environment. Therefore our program focuses on developing an atmosphere of trust, understanding and social well-being.
As children develop at their own pace and learn in their own way, the educators will provide many opportunities for exploration of the environment in a flexible and safe program.

Educators will encourage children’s emerging skills and provide opportunities and challenges to extend their development. Through observations of the children and close consultation with their families educators will build knowledge of each child’s strengths, needs, interests and cultural beliefs, which forms the basis of the Joey’s room program and individual planning.


Preschool – Wombat’s room: (3.5- 6 years)

The Wombat’s room has a flexible curriculum that meets the dynamic needs of all the children. Families are regularly encouraged to contribute their knowledge, talents, and ideas, which allows us to continuously improve and enrich our program.
Play-based programs provide a wide range of active and meaningful experiences that incorporate choice for children, while enabling them to experience many of the organisational elements that are important at school. We believe in the importance of learning through play. Using the Early Years Learning Framework to guide us, we aim to stimulate and engage our children by providing opportunities for them to explore their interests and to investigate new ones.